2018.10.12. Centerra Gold компани Монгол дахь бизнесээ OZD Asia компанид 35 сая доллараар заржээ

TORONTO, CANADA – October 12, 2018 – Centerra Gold Inc. (“Centerra”) (TSX: CG) announced today
that it has completed the sale of its Mongolian business unit, including the Boroo Gold Mine and processing
facility and the Gatsuurt Gold Project to OZD ASIA PTE Ltd. (“OZD”), for net proceeds of US$35 million.
OZD has purchased all of the outstanding shares and debt of Centerra Netherlands, BVBA which is the 100%
direct shareholder of the Company’s Mongolian subsidiaries, Boroo Gold LLC and Centerra Gold Mongolia
LLC (“CGM”).

Under the purchase agreement, OZD will retain the US$5 million payment received in September 2018 and the
additional US$5 million to be received by CGM from Steppe Gold LLC in respect of the previous sale of the
ATO Project.

Scott Perry, Centerra’s President and Chief Executive Officer stated “the disposition of the Mongolian business
unit is another step forward in enhancing the overall quality of Centerra’s portfolio of assets and will allow
management to focus on the Company’s development projects in other jurisdictions, including Canada and

OZD is a private, Singapore based company that focuses on emerging markets mining and metal assets by
acquiring, financing and operating in order to bring value to its shareholders.


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